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Sustainabuilt is a Class B general contractor and construction management company based in Colorado. With a foundation built on integrity, the firm prioritizes quality in all aspects of its work. Sustainabuilt is dedicated to the well-being of the communities and environment in which it builds, reflecting a strong commitment to sustainability in its operations.

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Your partner from concept to completion

Design Concept

What are we going to build? What problem are we going to solve? The purpose of the design concept is to establish and refine the scope of work. The design concept phase is a critical step in the construction process, as it lays the foundation for the entire project. During this phase, the client's vision and goals are translated into a detailed design plan. This plan serves as the blueprint for the construction process and sets the tone for the entire project.


Sustainabuilt works with the project design team to ensure the final product meets our client's expectations by taking on the role as contract documentation coordinator. In this role, Sustainabuilt reviews the construction to verify that they are fully developed, coordinated, value engineered, and constructible.


As a seasoned construction management firm, Sustainabuilt plays the vital role of orchestrator and project manager during the construction phase. The company takes the responsibility of ensuring the best interests of the owner, guiding the project from start to finish. Sustainabuilt works in close collaboration with all stakeholders involved in the construction process, from the design team to the subcontractors, and takes on the responsibility of coordinating their efforts and managing the contracts.

Sustained Quality

Once a project has been successfully completed, warranty measures are put into place to assure the longevity and quality of the project.


Deliver your vision

Sustainabuilt is a full service general contracting/construction management firm (design-build). We are your representative, assigned to manage the entire lifecycle of the project from assisting with design--ensuring the design is constructible and value engineered--through project completion--making your vision a reality.

Our commitment to our client's vision is our highest priority - we'll deliver through our partnership and pursuit for quality, longevity and client satisfaction.

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Client Services

Our primary focus is client satisfaction. We want to build a relationship to help define your project goals and make them a reality. We'll be your single point from concept and completion.  


We leverage Design-Build as delivery method to reduce the burden on the project owner, foster collaboration and drive cost/time efficiencies.


Our goal is to reduce project resources on a square foot basis, utilize energy efficient materials and build for quality to increase longevity.


As a Class B building contractor, our team has the expertise to manage projects from custom homes and tenant build-outs up to 5-story commercial multifamily projects.

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We are your agents

You can't always be on the jobsite ensuring that construction is being completed in accordance with your specifications or necessarily have the expertise to verify code compliance and direct the trades. That's were we come in. We are the boots on the ground. We are your agent and take on the responsibility to represent your best interest through design, construction, and warranty.

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